2022 Life Lessons: Health, Happiness, and Leadership

What 2022 has taught me about health, happiness, and leadership.

At the end of every “Year in Review” mega-post, I compile a list of all the major Life Lessons I’ve learned that year. A couple years ago, I started the tradition of separating this into a separate post from the main 2022 Year In Review post.

In compiling these lessons, I noticed they fell into 3 major categories. I have grouped them accordingly:

  • Leadership & Relationships
  • Success & Happiness
  • Health & Well-Being

Feel free to skip to the sections most interesting or relevant to you. Or just go through them all if you’re feeling in the mood.

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A Year in Review: 2022

Blessings, achievements, goals, and life lessons of 2022.

“What year is it?” “20-✌️✌️”

Hello friends, followers, and various people on the internet 👋 Happy New Year! 🎊

I’m always excited to do this yearly recap because it’s a great way for me to force myself to look back on the past year.

Why Am I Writing This?

This post allows me to simultaneously:

  1. Self-reflect on my past year
  2. Share personal highlights with those who are curious or interested

These year-end reviews give me the space to recap memorable events, express gratitude, compile my personal statistics, and examine how much progress I made on my personal goals.

My Tradition Since 2016

Since 2016, I’ve been doing these posts mainly for my own records. However, these reflections may also be beneficial to others, so I write them with the intention of a public audience reading them.

For those who don’t know, I do 3 other types of journal reflections: daily, weekly, and monthly. This yearly reflection is somewhat of a compilation of those reflections but formatted in a more digestible way for the public.

Past Years In Review:

In a separate post, I’ve compiled all of the life lessons I’ve learned this year. My hope is that sharing my own hard-earned lessons will benefit those who may encounter similar challenges. I also want to compile these into a book one day, since it’s my long-term dream to become a published author.

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