Question: Premium Content?

Subscription-based, premium content offering?

Hello my blog followers!

First of all, thank you everyone for your support and love over the years. Whether you’ve been a long time follower, or recent subscriber to my content, I really appreciate each of you.

While my blog serves as an outlet for my various types on content, most of my followers and visitors come here to check out my book notes. After over four years of creating these notes, I now consistently get hundreds of visitors each day. Because I use WordAds to capture some ad revenue from this traffic, it allows me to break even with the cost to maintain this website.

Recently, I’ve also added a donation functionality to my blog. I’m so grateful to have received several generous donations, which really helps go a long way in keeping up my site as I continue to create free content for everyone to enjoy.

This brings me to my next point and my question for you all:

Would you be interested in a subscription-based, premium content option from my blog? If so, what would that look like ideally for you, and how much would you pay for it?

While I’ll still keep publishing my book notes for free, adding a premium content model will allow me to do 3 things:

  1. Deliver more value to my subscribers in the way they want it most
  2. Delivery higher quality content and a better website experience
  3. Remove existing ads so that my subscription revenue can support my website costs

My goal is simply to find more effective ways to support this website and continue to generate high quality content that my visitors love.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please let me know by either commenting, sending me a message, or replying to my email.

I’d love to partner with you and create the type of content you want and add value that you feel would be worth paying for.

And even if you’re not interested in premium content, I’ll still keep creating my book notes every month for you to enjoy πŸ™‚

Much love,


Roses are red, violets are blue, thanks for subscribing, I love all of you! πŸ’


Exactly what I’ve been doing since I finally got myself to open this account. I ask myself, “why does starting something seem like the hardest part?” I know that once I get the ball rolling, momentum will eventually take over and it’ll be harder to stop than start


Similar to how i’m consistently going to the gym everyday, or at least 6 days a week. Forcing myself to run or do some form of cardio for a mile, as well as a muscle group to focus on before the cardio. Right now I’m almost 35 days straight consistent of exercising and working out, minus the 3 days I was traveling to and from Phoenix, AZ. But now, its easier to keep going and keep up the momentum. Its still a challenge at times to force myself to get up at 5am, but I only need to utilize just enough #willpower to create a habit, then I won’t need to exert those willpower muscles, or rather focus on developing the next habit.

So now i’m trying to apply this concept with writing in this blog consistently. My original goal was maybe once per week. Then I read a blog about 1st time bloggers, and some key points. The lady talked about 2-3 times minimum per week to gain traction. For me, I’m probably going to shoot for 1 post / day, or at least 6 days a week. This way I force myself to 1) make it a habit and 2) force myself to become consistent and comfortable with writing. I figure 350+ posts at the end of the year and my writing should be at least a bit decent πŸ˜‰

Writing constantly will also allow me to develop the familiarity with blogging, learn as I go, generate a large quantity of contentΒ that I can reorganize, re-synthesize, and refine in my future posts/blogs, and establish my style as a writer.

But for now, baby steps. The hardest part is starting. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, right?

Well, let’s begin!