10 Tips to Surviving a Dance Class

How to survive a dance class for beginners.

I’ve been teaching dance as an instructor for many years now. I’ve taught hip hop, freestyle popping, and more recently K-POP. Many of my current students are beginners, or haven’t been dancing for very long. Many times, people I know who are interested in learning how to dance will ask me about taking class and some tips I have for them.

I wish I had a guide when I first started taking dance classes and one I could pass on to my new students. Therefore, I decided to create one.

Here’s my list of top 10 things to note if you plan on taking your first dance class.

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3 Ways to Live a “Dramatic” Life

Dramatic – Daily writing prompt

Monday mornings at work, we have a meeting usually about an hour long. The first half of the meeting we usually tell fun stories about our weekend on a volunteer basis. It’s a fun little exercise to get the week started as some stories can be pretty entertaining.

Over the past year, I’ve developed a bit of a reputation of having funny or at least mildly interesting stories. It’s now at the point where people occasionally request a story from me because they know I’ll have something interesting to say!

Honestly, I don’t believe my life is anymore interesting than the next person. However, I can tell you for a fact that I do go into the weekend with a mindset of having a fun experience or finding an interesting story to share with the group on Monday.

Here are some tips I have to living a more exciting life:

1. Seek out new experiences

Sometimes my girlfriend and I will look on Groupon or any other website for discounted deals on local activities. This is how we found ourselves taking archery classes, or how I went Flyboarding in Miami. One time, we just rented bikes to go cruising near the ocean at Huntington Beach for an afternoon. Another time we took yoga classes for two months for $30 each. We try to find new things to do at least once or twice a month. With sites like groupon, there’s usually a large number of activities to choose from.

2. Be proactive with your weekends

Instead of going into the weekend thinking, “I’m just going to relax. I’m too tired to do anything,” look to the weekend as a time to have fun and something to look forward to. Don’t be reactive and wait for something to happen to you. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting on your couch watching Netflix again, binge watching some series for 20 hours straight and wonder where the weekend went. If you want your life experience to consist of hours of Netflix, then go for it. But I would hardly consider that a great experience to look back on.

3. Say “Yes” more often

I found some of the most fun things I’ve done were usually things I didn’t want to do at first. But once I got out of my own mental comfort zone, the experience turned out to be more fun. For example, I was never big on outdoor activities like hiking. Now, however, my girlfriend and I have been on several trails because she’s always push for going. Overall, it’s a fun activity and great exercise as well. The views can be worth it alone, and being away from technology is a great feeling.

Any other tips for living a more fun and interesting life? Please let me know in the comments!