TOTD: When you’re an introvert surrounded by extroverts

Why we shouldn’t force others to communicate like us.

This talk was spurred by a discussion I was in where one lady felt uncomfortable because someone an introverted person wouldn’t communicate like the other extroverts.

It’s my belief that when you feel uncomfortable with someone else’s personality, its 100% your responsibility/fault, not theirs.

We shouldn’t try and force people to adapt to our communication style.

Instead, we should accept people for who they are and be more understanding that not everyone is like us.

Just my 2 cents.

7 thoughts on “TOTD: When you’re an introvert surrounded by extroverts”

    1. There is a clear difference between “behaving badly” and having a different communication style. Forcing introverts to communicate like an extrovert and be inauthentic is bad form.

      Bad behavior and being rude is not what I was discussing.

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    1. That’s true, we can always teach others how to improve communication. However, the issue here was that the extroverts were upset at the introvert and felt uncomfortable, which can only be controlled by themselves. If you require someone else to change in order for you to be happy, then you’ll never be happy and you’ll lose friends. We should instead accept first and not be bothered if someone else doesn’t communicate like we do.

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