Why fitness bootcamp is the worst thing ever

Several months back, a coworker of mine was telling me about this fitness bootcamp she was doing atย OC Fit. It sounded pretty intense, but she kept going so I assumed she liked it.

Last week, we found a Groupon for 21 days of unlimited classes for $17. That’s a pretty amazing deal considering the price of the monthly membership. Sure, why not. We decided to buy it.

When we got there, the first thing I noticed was the loud, high energy, clubbing-type music. Lots of sweaty people around the gym were lifting weights, then shuffling between workouts each time the 50-second buzzer went off.

I found where the Irvine masochists hang out.


It felt like going clubbing, but without the dancing or fun. It was similar to when we went to Soul Cycle a couple weeks back.

To be honest, it didn’t look that bad. They weren’t going a hundred miles an hour, so I figured I could keep up.

I was wrong.

It was horrendous. By the end, I felt like I was going to collapse. Couldn’t keep up at all. My legs were on fire from all of the jump squats, I couldn’t hold a push-up, and I absolutely hated burpees.

Only a masochist would put themselves though that and enjoy it.

Don’t be fooled, we’re not happy. We’re just glad we’re not dead.


I’ve been to seven sessions already and each session feels harder than the last. Strangely enough, I don’t think I’m going to skip a class.

So why do I keep coming back?

1) Well I paid $17 for 21 days unlimited, might as well make the most of it. It’s a fantastic deal, and I hate wasting money.

2) The accountability. My coworkers go, so I can’t just wimp out. My reputation is at stake, and I like to be a person of integrity. I do what I say.

3) There’s something empowering and addicting about surviving this hellish workout, realizing what you’ve just accomplished, and knowing you can do it again.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not enjoy the pain of exhausting my body to its limits. If I could, I would gladly take the magic pill that gives you abs any day.

Nonetheless, like everything in life, things worth having take hard work, discipline, and sacrifice.

But I don’t get a kick out of gasping for air like I’m being drowned underwater. I don’t love it when my heart beats so furiously that it feels like its trying to pound its way out of my chest. Nor do I particularly look forward to the feeling of my sweat pouring down my body and accumulating in a puddle of my own misery between my feet.

But the parts that make it worthwhile are the rewards I get afterwards: the satisfaction of overcoming a challenge, knowing I’m strengthening myself physically and mentally, having more energy the next day, and knowing I have the ability to make a decision, follow through, and not give up.

So what has OC Fit taught me?

Moving outside your comfort zone is key to advancing towards what you really want.

Bootcamp is terrible. It constantly pushes me beyond what I thought was my limit. And that’s why I keep going.

The workouts, the environment, and most importantly the coaches and trainers put me in a position to bring the best out of myself.

Just when I think I’m done and my inner voice tells me to give up, the lead coach Bon will yell into the mic, “you’re not gonna stop, you’re not going to quit on yourself” as if he hears my inner voice and is helping me fight against it.

Aside from not having dancing or fun, the gym also does not have comfort zones.

I looked all over, but couldn’t find a single comfort zone. ๐Ÿค”


Everything you want that you don’t have is outside your comfort zone. Whether or not you’ll obtain those things depends on your willingness to step out of comfort, and the courage to move through the pain and fear.

Ask yourself: what do you really want that you don’t have because you choose comfort over progress?

Is it a better job, even though your too scared to give up whatever “good” thing you’re doing now?

A potential relationship with someone you like, but putting yourself out there is uncomfortable?

Better health and energy, but changing your eating habits and working out consistently is too hard?

A better relationship with your family, but you’re afraid of the difficult talks needed to reconcile past mistakes?

Nothing changes until the thing you WANT to have becomes a MUST have. Take the leap of faith and have a bit of courage.

You can’t be balanced and moving at the same time. Walking requires constantly shifting your weight and adapting in an unbalanced state.

As the saying goes, the only cure to fear is action.

You have two choices:

1) spend your life avoiding the terrible things because of fear and excuses


2) have the courage to move THROUGH the pain and discomfort, and prove you can achieve what’s important to you.

Buy that Groupon and go through hell just to prove to yourself you can do it. Realize that moving outside of your comfort zone isn’t that bad as long as you take it one step at a time.

Or in this case, one burpee push-up at a time.

Kevin (left) and Bon (right) are beasts ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ Mad respect for always pushing us to give our best ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

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