Day Thirteen: Play with Word Count

Today’s prompt

Sometimes you can find inspiration by changing things up! Today, write a post that experiments with word count.

Some ideas include a 50-word story, 100-word story, a haiku, choosing an existing post to cut down, or an existing post to extend.

Let’s do a few haikus 😏


I am so hungry.

Saturday’s are my cheat days.

It’s only Tuesday 😦


Gotta catch ’em all

Pokemon Go takeover,

Look! A poke-stop!


Veggies and protein,

One hour of cardio,

Watch some Naruto.


Reading all these books

While driving and working out

I feel productive πŸ™‚


Disneyland tickets

Won them on the radio

But I can’t get them πŸ˜“


Donuts and ice cream

Count blessings, not calories.

Plump, round, and happy πŸ˜‹


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