Day Fourteen: Recreate a Single Day

Today’s prompt:

Write a post that takes place during a single day. Start at any point! The story can begin when you woke up, the middle of the day, or the end of the day.

  • Structure your post as a play-by-play (or hour-by-hour) account, complete with time markers.
  • Limit yourself even more: tell a story about one hour of your chosen day.
  • Talk about how one particular day changed your life.

Dont I look like im having a blast? 😅

A couple weekends ago, my girlfriend and I went rock climbing / bouldering at Sender One gym. We had purchased a Groupon for two for an hour-long beginner class that included all-day access to the gym.

Needless to say, we were excited. Neither of us had ever been but it was always on a list of activities we wanted to do together.

The check-in process wasn’t as smooth as I would’ve expected. We gave one associate our Groupon to scan, only to have another worker ask for it again. Diana had to go back to the car to retrieve it a second time.

As it got closer to our class time, probably 2 minutes before, we noticed everyone else had their harnesses and shoes on while nobody gave us ours. We hurriedly asked and finally got an attendant to assist us.

The lady asked for our shoe sizes, disappeared into the back room, and then reappeared with our gear. She said the climbing shoes ran small so we got one size higher. Even then, my shoes were painfully small.

We go to one of the training areas and began to learn how to tie a double figure-8 knot (I forgot the name), and then a fisherman’s knot. Both relatively easy to learn.

After that, we learned the correct form to belay with our partner. Not too much of a challenge.

At this point, the knuckle on my toes were in so much pain I had to go back to the front desk and get a size higher. Better, but still a bit too tight for my liking.

Next, we alternated climbing and belaying. Diana went first, I went second.

When I was up, I jokingly asked Diana if she could keep up with me 😉 As soon as we got the signal to start, I began racing up as fast as I could.

Halfway to the top, I noticed there was a lot of slack on my rope. I glanced down and saw our instructor helping her out with her form. I guess she was having some trouble since she was still getting used to the form.

At that moment, I remembered that I’m actually pretty afraid of heights. I committed to not looking down and kept at a slow pace. 

When I finally reached the top, I had anxiety about letting go and rappelling back down. Eventually, I made it down safely. However, I decided I would stick to bouldering the rest of the time 😅.

Overall, it was a fun experience and I wouldn’t be surprised if we went to a climbing gym again! 😁

Thanks for reading! As always, feel free to leave comments as I read and respond to all of them 🙂

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