Sanctuary – Daily writing prompt

This is the title of one of my favorite songs by Utada Hikaru for the Kingdom Hearts 2 video game soundtrack:

In you and I, there’s a new land
Angels in flight
I need more affection than you know (reversed)
My sanctuary, my sanctuary, yeah
Where fears and lies melt away
Music inside
I need more affection than you know (reversed)
What’s left of me
What’s left of me now?

Hikaru Utada – “Sanctuary”

One of my favorite songs to one of my favorite video game series. So nostalgic!

Looking back at the lyrics not sure what it all means, but the composition of the music and the quality of her vocals just create such a masterpiece that really transports me to another world.

Reallt, I feel like the words and lyrics make no sense. But the way she sings it, and the emotion out behind it, the seemingly random assembly of words sung creates this beautiful feeling within me. That paired with the compelling and emotionally charged story of Kingdom Hearts, it’s hard not to get emotional when I hear this song.

The song deals with multiple themes of love, trust, safety, hope, longing, memories and time. It’s all jumbled but they all feel there.

I highly recommend a listen to it at least a couple time so you’ll know what I mean. Even if it’s not really your thing (this isn’t the typical style of music I listen to either), it’s hard not to appreciate the magic this song has.

Always watching the “Clock”

Clock – Daily writing prompt

I remember a story I heard on Tony Robbin’s audio program Time of Your Life (highly recommended).

He recalls when he went to Fiji to buy some land as his own personal getaway. It’s a beautiful place so why not? He remembers being in the water relaxing, when he was startled because he had lost track of time. Being the busy man he is and having several other appointments throughout the day he didn’t want to be late for, he jumped out of the water and ran towards a nearby Fijian man.

He exclaimed, “Sir, do you know what time it is?”

The Fijian man looked at him strangely.

Tony repeated, “Time! Do you know what time it is?”

The man looked up at the sky, then back at Tony and said, “Daytime.”

Isn’t it strange how we’re so worried about being on schedule, on time, getting things done, being so used to our routine, that we cannot stop, slow down, and smell the metaphorical roses?

What is time really? Why is it that time can seem so short, while also feeling so long?

Why is it that when we’re having fun, time seems to just fly by. When we’re in the waiting room of a hospital, time seems to slow down almost to a halt.

Tony Robbins says time is just an emotion.

How we feel affects how time feels to us. So maybe instead of checking the clock all the time, we just enjoy the time we have right in this moment.

Pick your “Punishment”

Punishment – Daily writing prompt

There’s a famous quote that comes to mind immediately:

There are two types of pain you will go through in life, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tonnes. – Jim Rohn

I think the greatest cause of people’s negative results in life is that they are too reactive to life instead of proactive.

Often times we hear about people coming to the end of their life and living with all these regrets. They spent too much time working and other things that didn’t matter, instead of spending time with their family, loved ones, traveling, making great memories, and enjoying the journey.

I think the difference occurs when people take the time to prioritize what they want out of life, plan out how to make it happen, and take ACTION. We all have 24 hours in a day, and yet some people make steady progress towards their goals while others do not.

Is there a difference in time? No. There’s simply a difference in priorities and a willingness to cut out unnecessary activities and fill in the time with the important ones.

Instead of filling your free time with watching Netflix or scrolling endlessly through social media, why not spend an hour learning that language you’ve always wanted. Spend 30 minutes meditating to get your head clear and gain some mental clarity. Call your parents up and tell them how amazing they are and make them laugh.

Putting aside a little bit of time everyday doing daily disciplines (reading 30 minutes a day, exercising for 1 hour, meditating for 10 minutes, etc), can have drastic compounded effects over the long term.

Conversely, being reactive in things like your health will also have compounding negative effects down the road. Drinking 1 can of soda for lunch everyday, for example, or wasting 2 hours a day watching the latest Netflix series. What are you really getting done?

I think the worst pain/punishment is getting to the end and regretting all the time wasted, when just a little bit of discipline could have dramatically created a higher quality and more fulfilling life.