Trying out these writing prompts just to keep the creative writing juices flowing…


Layers can be good, but they can also be bad.

Parfaits have layers and I love parfaits. Its like a salad but a bit more organized. But requires some excavating to get some of the goods.

Layering your clothes can make you look fashionable. Unless you’re on a beach in Miami during mid-day in the summer heat.

More layers on a cake are awesome. Unless you’re the one making the cake and you don’t have enough time to finish it.

Onions have layers and onions are delicious. But the bad breath might not be worth it if you plan on being in small rooms or elevators with coworkers.

More layers on your skin could mean more protection for your vital organs. But then people might also call you fat.

The ozone has multiple layers. And as far as I know, the ozone is pretty cool. But if its closer to the sun, wouldn’t it be hotter?

The earth’s crust has multiple layers. I’m told these layers represent different time periods. So living underground might be another way of living in the past.

Some people have many layers to their personality. Or maybe that’s just an excuse for them to be inconsistent.

If I can lay myself down to sleep, does that make me a Layer?