Becoming someone you “Admire”

Admire – Daily writing prompt

We all have someone we admire, whether it’s a parent, a teacher, professionals, successful business people, a friend, or even a sibling. There’s something about who they are and what they’ve accomplished that we really appreciate.

For some people, they strive to be someone that others can admire for their own achievements. It’s very rewarding to hear when someone says you’ve inspired them and your example changed their lives.

So how do you become someone that others admire? I think there are many ways:

-Do something that inspires you. Commit and do it fully. Despite what people may say and how they might discourage you, it’s more fulfilling do to it than to regret not having even tried.

-Do what you love, which will make it easier to do. As Gary Vaynercuk says, he hardly ever gets burned out because he’s constantly energized by following his passion.

-Love what you do. This stems from gratitude and seeing the bright side of things. Your optimism and appreciative mindset is what will make you happy in whatever you do.

-Overcome your challenges. Don’t wish things were easier, wish that you were better and then constantly work to improve yourself daily. When you reach the point where others give up, keep pushing until you succeed. Your story will inspire others that it CAN be done despite your challenges.

-Be consistent and persistent. When the rock and the stream meet, the stream wins every time. Case in point: the Grand Canyon.

-Focus. Most people have a deficit of attention. You’ll be surprised how far ahead of the pack you’ll be if you can F.O.C.U.S. (Follow One Course Until Successful).

Along your path to doing what inspires you, committing to something, following your passion, being happy and loving what you do,overcoming your personal obstacles, and focusing, you’ll no doubt inspire others along the way 🙂

Any other ways to become someone you’d admire? Leave a comment below!

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