Everyone starts off “Frail”

Frail -Daily writing prompt

Adj. easily damaged or broken; fragile or insubstantial

Everyone starts off frail, nobody starts off strong. When we see Olympic athletes, business tycoons, world-famous singers, and other masters in their crafts, we tend to compare ourselves and think we can never be as good.

This makes no sense.

What we see is the product of thousands upon thousands of hours of focused hard work. We see and admire their highlight reel, and then compare to our behind the scenes. What we don’t see is them doing the unspectacular every day in order to achieve the spectacular. Doing the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary.

Its funny how the best athletes, for example, are the hardest workers, putting in the most hours at the gym while their teammates are out partying and relaxing.

Two examples I can think of are Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. I’ve read anectdotes of these two putting in a disproportional amount of work when compared to their teammates.

They aren’t hard workers because they’re the best, they’re the best because they’re hard workers.

The Rock always talks about being the hardest worker in the room. I believe that if someone is 10 times more talented than you, all you need to  do is work 10 times as hard to match his level.

Even if you start off “frail,” working hard, constantly improving, and working smart will help you develop the strength.

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