“Storm” – external and internal

As I’m writing this, I just got off of a red-eye flight from LA to Miami. But I’m determined to keep up my daily posts despite being on vacation, haha.



Storm – Daily Prompt

n. Violent disturbance of atmosphere with strong winds, lightning, snow, etc.

“Because of the heavy rain and winds from the storm outside, I couldn’t leave my house.”

  • When I think of “storm” the first thing I think of is this definition, a weather-type phenomenon. I once knew a guy named Storm in elementary school. Well, I guess he was a boy at the time, not quite a guy. He was pretty cool, very athletic. I always thought he was badass because of his name.
  • What also comes to mind is Storm from X-Men. Another BAMF named Storm. I think the reason behind her name is a given.

Storm had the mutant ability to control the weather. Sometimes she created storms, other times just light drizzles.”

n. A tumultuous reaction; an uproar or controversy

“News of PokemonGO being shut down caused a storm of resentment towards the game developers.”

  • Let’s hope this never happens.

v. Move angrily or forcefully in a specified direction

  • Stormtroopers! I can see where they might have gotten their name. Conquering fools across the galaxy and expanding the Galactic Empire.
  • Were they angry? Possibly. Were they going in a specific direction? Most likely. How can you achieve a goal without going from a predetermined A to B?

v. A sudden attack and capture

  • I think of the German word blitzkrieg. Sometimes the best defense is a great offense, right? Preemptive strike, if you will.

Other ideas:

-The calm before the storm. I was watching The Dark Knight on the plane and Harvey Dent mentions how “its darkest before the dawn.” These are essentially the same concepts. The peace right before the chaos, and subsequently, the chaos right before the peace. Ying and yang (I also know a guy named Yang).

Inner storms. There’s a saying, I believe its from Secrets of the Millionaire Mind that goes, “your inner world creates your outer world.” If you have turbulance in your life (outer world) it’s most likely caused by some turbulance in your mind/heart (inner world). Perhaps there’s something you know you need to do but you haven’t done because of FEAR or PROCRASTINATION. Maybe its a difficult conversation you need to have with someone. Maybe its scary because its outside your comfort zone? Maybe you have some unresolved issues somewhere in your life and its manifesting in bad results.

  • The best example of this is fitness and nutrition. You wonder why you’re always so sleepy, tired, lacking energy, having health issues, and always feeling terrible. The inner world (diet) is most likely a huge contributor to that, as well as the (lack of) exercise in your routine.
  • Maybe you’re in a relationship that you’ve been doubting for a while but you’re too scared to confront your partner. Therefore, you two will continue to deal with a terrible relationship until you both end up resenting each other and break up on bad terms.

-Inner tranquilty

  • Josh Waitzkin, author of one of my favorite books The Art of Learning, talks at length about inner tranquilty and meditating. One of the biggest benefits of daily meditating is training your brain to find that inner tranquilty, and developing that ability like a muscle. This skill can be used when you face outer turbulance in your life and use your inner tranquilty to calm those storms.
  • In essence, no matter what STORMS (challenges/obstacles) in your life, if you can cultivate your own inner tranquilty, nothing can phase you. Being an inside-out person (proactive/controlling) rather than an outside-in person (reactive).

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