Day Ten: Let the Scene Write Itself

Today’s prompt:

Find a spot where you can sit and observe for at least 20 minutes: a bench at a park, shopping mall, or museum; from inside your car in a parking lot; or even a place close to home, like your front porch. Ideally, it’s a location where you can watch action and interaction unfold (whether it involves people, wildlife, the weather, etc.).

Right now I’m with my girlfriend at Afters Ice Cream at Diamond Jamboree. I’ve had this craving all week for ice cream and donuts so might as well get both, right?

Meet the “milky bun,” ice cream inside a donut:

Diabetes with diabetes inside

But that’s not why I’m writing this haha. I made the mistake of coming to this location which I forgot is almost always crowded on a Saturday night.

While waiting in this long line is excruciating for my craving, it’s a perfect scenario for this prompt 😁

From my vantage point, people are waiting in line. The store definitely seems understaffed for this crowd, but I commend them for their effort.

Outside there are a dozen or so guys in formal attire around a table. They must be coming from from an organization’s event.

Fancy guys and their fancy attire

Definitely a crowded night. We decided to go to Newport Beach to walk around near the beach. Apparently, the area we call “seaside” after a popular donut shop people fraud my late at night, has been overtaken since the release of Pokemon Go. My girlfriend wanted to go to the Pokemon stop where she can get items and catch new Pokemon.

“Seaside” named after Seaside Bakery

As expected, hundreds of people walking around at 11pm at night with their faces in their phones. Probably 80% of them were playing Pokemon. It was pretty hilarious and amazing at the same time. 

Although it’s weird people are coming out in droves to play a mobile game, it’s still pretty crazy that everyone is out walking around.

Good or bad, we’ll see if it’s just a fad or if it will last a while. I think it also depends on how  long the developers can keep innovating the fame before people become bored.

lifeguard memorial statue

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