Day Seventeen: A Map as Your Muse

Today, let a map be your muse. Select an area anywhere in the world on Google Maps (or your preferred online map tool), or a section on a paper map, and use this as inspiration for your post.

For this post I wanted to use my hometown of Fremont, CA. Particularly, this is the area where I grew up for most of my life until I graduated from high school.

I’ve numbered the map using Snapchat as an image editor, haha 😂 #resourcefulness 

  1. This is where I went to Elementary school at Warm Springs Elementary. I also lived with my stepdad, grandparents, and some aunts and uncles in the house. We lived here until about mid-elementary school.
  2. We moved to this small apartment in an older part of Fremont on Thornton Ave. I remember taking a couple of hours after school to take the public bus home. I would take one bus to the BART station then transfer to the line that took me home. At this point, my CD player filled with my anime OST was my best friend haha. I listened to music a lot.
  3. From middle school to high school, we moved in with this guy my mom married to an apartment closer to school. During high school after my little brother Jacob was born, we moved to this house across the street from my high school, Irvington HS. It was super convenient being able to walk to school in 5 minutes 👍🏼
  4. When I left to Irvine for college, my mom moved out of David’s house after they were separated and moved to Mission Blvd into a small apartment with my sister. When I came home for breaks, I would stay there with them. My brother would also be with my mom for a couple hours until his dad picked him up.
  5. From mid college until I moved back home, my sister moved into an apartment on Automall (which I consider the center of Fremont as I know it). I would stay with my dad when I came back and also moved in with them for the year after I graduated college. I would go to work in SJ, workout with my dad at the gym down the street, and sleep on the living room couch. I did this for almost a year until I paid off all my student loans.

Since then, I’ve been in SoCal for two years, my mom moved back in with Jacob’s dad, my sister took over my dads apartment and lives with roommates, and my dad and step mom and brother Daniel live in Santa Clara. 

All in all, the Bay Area has always been my home and I can’t see that changing, no matter how far I live or where I travel ğŸŒŽâ¤ï¸ğŸ¡

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, comments, personal insights, or even feedback, I’d love to hear them in the comments! I read and respond to every comment 🙂

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